Our History

Harold Adamson worked in Hollywood, California, famously creating jingles for Desilu Productions, including the theme for "| Love Lucy." One day, Harold brought his stepson, Lloyd Crisfield, to the studios in hopes of inspiring him to work in the arts!

Lloyd, strolling around the Hollywood studios, gazed in awe at the bustling movie sets. He watched the gorgeous stars as they arrived stylishly attired in their designer dresses, accented with glimmering diamonds and pearls. He thought to himself, "Every woman should feel this luxurious!" Understanding the power and emotion of jewelry, Lloyd was inspired at that very moment.

In March of 1961, he walked into his father-in-law's offices at Desilu and announced, "I am going to create a jewelry brand as no one has seen before!"

Without hesitation, CRISLU was born. It was designed for you, your mom, your sister, and every other woman in the world who deserves to experience luxury and opulence. All at an affordable price.

CRISLU, the first affordable luxury jewelry brand.

Our Mission

Since 1961 we have had the same mission that Lloyd Crisfield started Crislu with...

We are precious-on-precious metals, consisting of sterling silver finished in pure platinum, 18KT gold, or 18KT rose gold.

We use the highest-grade cubic zirconia on the market (7A). Cut with diamond precision, so it will always have the purest color, and refractiveness of a diamond

Every CRISLU cubic zirconia stone is hand set by our jewelry artisans. We never use glue!

Cubic zirconia means that we are ethically sourced and sustainable.

Each design is meticulously curated by our in-house designers.

We are hypoallergenic. We do not use nickel or any other irritants that could cause an allergic reaction. We only use precious metals.

CRISLU jewelry is safe to wear in the shower, pool, or the beach.

Every item is accompanied by a lovely fine jewelry box, perfect for gifting, or safekeeping during travel.

Each piece holds a lifetime warranty. The only nationally recognized brand to offer confidence in their product and quality

No Risk Programs

Our 100% stock balancing program ensures your store will have an assortment of best-selling CRISLU jewelry that is guaranteed to boost sales.

How does our stock balancing program work?

CRISLU’s Branded Retail Program (BRP) is a curated assortment of top-selling styles across all jewelry categories. There are three tiers of programs, making it suitable for any OTB budget.

Our BRP comes with automatic 60-day terms. If you are not 100% satisfied with our suggestions, you may, within 90 days of purchase, exchange any or all of the pieces for a dollar-for-dollar replacement.


I absolutely love my new Crislu bracelet. It’s made well. The blue stone is such a nice color and the red tiny stone is a nice added touch. I bought a Crislu bracelet similar to this 3 years ago and I have not taken it off my wrist. I’ve swam in pools and the ocean and it still looks brand new. Highly recommend Crislu.

Karen Rolls

These Crislu Peanuts necklaces have wonderful detail and are very sweet. They are packaged very well and arrive in excellent condition complete with a Crislu gift bag. I will say they are delicate so be aware of that. But otherwise, the design is whimsical and clever the packaging is quite cute. The Woodstock is quite an imaginative design especially with the two tones and the dangling star.