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CRISLU Announces New Zodiac Jewelry!

Zodiac signs make fantastic jewelry because they allow the wearer to connect to a piece in a very personal way.  The symbol can be bold for the whole world to see or it can carry a special meaning known only to you.  
  • Karen Lytle
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CZ Accessories: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Throughout time, jewelry has been part of the human experience.  Representing beauty, power, status, love and individuality, its history is full of significance. A gift of jewelry can make a statement, offer comfort, commemorate an occasion or remind us of someone special . 
  • Rita Ortigas

CRISLU Engagement Rings, Perfect For The Occasion

Since 1961 Crislu has proudly specialized in the alternative jewel, our flawless cubic zirconia. We believe in 5 Cs instead of the 4 Cs that describe a diamond, Cut, Carat, Clarity, Colour and most important cost. The rule of thumb that you should spend two months income on an engagement ring should be rethought when there is  an option. Our cubic zirconia gemstone stands on its own in terms of quality and beauty. And even when compared to a diamond it’s undetected by the naked eye and only your jeweler can tell them apart with a loop.
  • Analy Esperanza

Introducing CRISLU Men!

You’d think we would be used to it. We are in the fashion industry, after all, which can see trends change overnight. But adapting to change can be challenging, and taking the path of leaning on your strengths is often an easier road to navigate. One way to approach the inevitability of change is to beat it to the punch and push yourself into creating change. At Crislu, we enjoy a good challenge. Even though we’ve been in business for nearly 50 steady years, we’ve still got new tricks up our sleeves. This one is a major departure from business as usual—and we couldn’t be more excited.
  • Christelle Walker


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