The 5 C's of CRISLU

 We design every piece of jewelry with an emphasis on quality. Wear our look-of-real diamonds jewelry with confidence!

This is what sets us apart

1. CUT 

Our proportions are cut to exacting precisions, where light enters and exits the stone through the same surface flawlessly, providing a radiance that will last a lifetime.


Our expertly trained craftsmen handset the highest quality flawless cubic zirconia stones in precious .925 sterling silver then finish each piece of jewelry in pure platinum, 18KT Yellow Gold, or 18KT Rose Gold. No inclusions, no blemishes, and crafted to perfection.


Our Cubic Zirconia is equivalent to Grade D diamonds, providing the purest value of the look of real.


We offer a range of sizes to fit every individual’s desire. Crislu follows diamond total carat weights in relation to our CZ total carat weights, to provide you with accuracy and elegance.


We take pride in providing you with the best quality and value to every piece of Jewelry. Affordable luxury for every occasion. Go big without having to go home and check your bank account. Wear it Always.