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Classic Earrings Every Woman Should Own 0

The honest truth is this: You can never own too many earrings. In addition to finishing your outfit, they frame your face, enhance your natural beauty, and set the tone for your style. Think about it: A simple cashmere sweater takes on a completely different look when it’s paired with diamond hoops instead of classic pearls. For this precise reason, I personally own more earrings than I can count – and almost all of them get worn with surprising frequency.

With that said, if you’re just beginning to invest in your jewelry wardrobe, you may be wondering where to start. And the answer is right here, with the five pairs of classic earrings every woman should own. Equal parts sophisticated and youthful, each of these pieces will ensure that you have a polished and fresh look for every occasion:

1. Elegant studs. No woman’s jewelry collection is complete without an exquisite pair of studs. In fact, I believe studs should be the first pair of earrings you purchase, simply because you’ll wear them so frequently. The right pair is sophisticated, classic, and endlessly versatile, and will ensure that you always look polished – whether you’re at the gym, in a meeting, or out on the town.

When selecting your studs, look for a pair that’s timeless, yet uniquely beautiful, like our CRISLU Classic Asscher Studs. They feature a brilliant cut that I find so visually interesting, yet they’re understated enough to be worn every day with ease.

2. Glamorous hoops. Though they create a completely different look than classic studs, a beautiful pair of hoops is equally timeless. I love them in simple gold, rose gold, and platinum – but my all-time favorite pair has to be our Halo Hoop Earrings. Why? Because they’re endlessly chic and go with everything, adding a fresh dose of sophisticated glamour to any outfit. Whether you’re dressed in distressed denim, a pencil skirt, or a form-fitting turtleneck, I can assure you that these earrings will always look flawless. For a bolder look try our Pave Hoop Earrings, available in three sizes and finishes. 

3. Evening earrings. Every woman needs a pair of evening earrings in her jewelry wardrobe; this I know for sure. However, it’s more challenging to select the perfect pair than you may think. They need to be sparkly, eye-catching, and appropriate for virtually any evening occasion. You should be able to visualize yourself wearing your chosen pair everywhere – with your favorite little black dress on a first date, paired with leather leggings on girls’ night, and coupled with a festive number at a holiday cocktail party.

If you need some direction, our Baguette Drop Earrings are absolutely flawless – and they meet all of the above requirements. Whether you prefer them in pure platinum, 18 karat gold, or 18 karat rose gold, you can be assured that they’ll add the perfect amount of shine and glamour to any occasion.

4. Timeless pearl earrings. There’s just something about a pair of timeless pearl earrings. Effortlessly sophisticated and impressively versatile, they deserve an honored place in every woman’s jewelry collection. The ideal earrings for adding a touch of ladylike refinement to your look, pearls are perfect for bridal showers, weddings, brunches, and lunches. A near perfect pair for all of those occasions, I happen to adore our Accented Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings. Try wearing them alone, or pair them with a classic pearl pendant or tennis bracelet for a cohesive look.

5. Statement earrings. We would be remiss if we failed to include a pair of extraordinary statement earrings in this edit. Not only will an eye-catching pair add bold elegance to your next special occasion, but it will also infuse an everyday outfit with a measure of effortless style.

For example, our CZ Emerald Cut Earrings look equally at home paired with a casual white button-down as they do with a sweeping evening gown – it’s all in the way you style the rest of your look. My advice? Follow your instincts, have fun, and never be afraid to wear crystals and sparkly jewelry during the day. Pieces like these are perfect for elevating a casual look to something really special.


  • Cassidy Cohen

Classic CRISLU: Timeless Essentials 0

As the lead designer for Crislu, it’s my job to remain on the cutting edge of fashion accessories. Over the years I’ve seen many trends come and go but whenever I’m asked for examples to best compliment an outfit the same five or six classic styles always come to mind.

I’m talking about the tried-and-true essentials that every woman needs in her rotation today: simple, interchangeable platinum 1 KT studs and 18 KT rose gold solitaires, tennis necklaces and bracelets, and 18 KT gold cubic zirconia pendants to accentuate any neckline or rise to any occasion. These are the pieces that have endured in our collection for fifty years and will remain part of our wardrobe for fifty more.

One of the greatest things about these classic pieces is that they never go out of style. They stand the test of time, enduring year after year, irrespective of the trend lines. That timelessness, coupled with quality design, also makes them a perfect gift to be passed down from generation to generation.

Versatility is another key asset of these timeless staples. Most of us don’t have the time or patience to plan perfectly for every occasion. We need items that can easily adapt to suit our diverse lifestyles and fit any affair, from work to nightlife and weddings to funerals. That ease of wear is one of my favorite features of Crislu pieces like the Brilliant Solitaire 18 KT Gold Pendant or the Classic Tennis Bracelet. They can also be dressed up or down or paired with other pieces for a completely different look each time.

Above all, I relish the tasteful simplicity these styles offer. Sometimes less is more, and that's certainly true of our accessories. What every woman appreciates is a complimentary glance, not a questionable stare from across the room. With these classic styles, you never have to worry about impropriety or being overshadowed. The beauty is inherent in the piece itself—a statement of elegance that exudes sophistication and class.


Amireh Parstabar

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