La Tiara Twisted Vine Ring

Product Description

An elegant twist on a classic ring, CRISLU's La Tiara Twisted Vine Ring is perfect everyday wear or as a special occasion piece. It's beautifully weaving rows of CZ make this a uniquely feminine and delicate piece that can be worn for years to come. 0.25 CTTW

Size Pure Platinum 18KT Gold 18KT Rose Gold
5 9010427R50CZ 3010427R50CZ 8010427R50CZ
6 9010427R60CZ 3010427R60CZ 8010427R60CZ
7 9010427R70CZ 3010427R70CZ 8010427R70CZ
8 9010427R80CZ 3010427R80CZ 8010427R80CZ
9 9010427R90CZ 3010427R90CZ 8010427R90CZ