Twist Ring

Product Description

A classic and easy to wear piece that will always have a place in your rotation. Wear it alone for a clean simple look or pair it with others for a dynamic layered style.

0.75 Carat .925 Sterling Silver Finished in Pure Platinum, 18kt Gold or 18kt Rose Gold.

Size Pure Platinum 18KT Gold 18KT Rose Gold
5 9010277R50CZ 3010277R50CZ 8010277R50CZ
6 9010277R60CZ 3010277R60CZ 8010277R60CZ
7 9010277R70CZ 3010277R70CZ 8010277R70CZ
8 9010277R80CZ 3010277R80CZ 8010277R80CZ
9 9010277R90CZ 3010277R90CZ 8010277R90CZ

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