Pave Three Band Ring

Product Description

Available in a single or multi finish, this Pave Three Band Ring is simple yet unique - making it perfect for everyday wear.

An environmentally and socially responsible ring that is crafted using flawless cubic zirconia stones which possess the same sparkle and nearly the same hardness as a diamond. In fact, the two stones are so similar to the naked eye that even a jeweler can't tell the difference.

0.50 Carat .925 Sterling Silver finished in Pure Platinum, 18kt Gold, and 18kt Rose Gold



Pure Platinum 18KT Gold 18KT Rose Gold
5 1010241R50CZ 9010241R50CZ 3010241R50CZ 8010241R50CZ
6 1010241R60CZ 9010241R60CZ 3010241R60CZ 8010241R60CZ
7 1010241R70CZ 9010241R70CZ 3010241R70CZ 8010241R70CZ
8 1010241R80CZ 9010241R80CZ 3010241R80CZ 8010241R80CZ
9 1010241R90CZ 9010241R90CZ 3010241R90CZ 8010241R90CZ

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