Classic Pear Tennis Necklace With Sapphire

Product Description

A timeless, elegant necklace that can be worn for every special occasion.

Perfect for those in search of a sustainable alternative to diamonds. An environmentally and socially responsible necklace that is crafted using flawless cubic zirconia stones which possess the same sparkle and nearly the same hardness as a diamond. In fact, the two stones are so similar to the naked eye that even a jeweler can't tell the difference.

These incredible stones are then hand set in .925 Sterling Silver and finished in Pure Platinum - making them 100% hypoallergenic and giving them the ultimate fine jewelry feel without the hefty price tag.

As with all fine jewelry, our rings are meant to last a lifetime in style and craftsmanship. We stand behind our items with a lifetime warranty though just in case so that you can invest in the piece of your choice without hesitation.

50.50 Carats

16" - Item # 907626N16SA

18" - Item # 907626N18SA

$ 395.00