CRISLU Classic Brilliant Studs

Product Description

These CRISLU Classic Brilliant Studs are a staple in any woman's jewelry box! These dazzling earrings will help complete your set and bring out the twinkle in your eyes!

Size Pure Platinum 18KT Gold 18KT Rose Gold
CTTW: 0.50 900162E00CZ 300162E00CZ
CTTW: 1.00 900163E00CZ 300163E00CZ
CTTW: 1.50 900164E00CZ 300164E00CZ
CTTW: 2.00 900166E00CZ 300166E00CZ 800166E00CZ
CTTW: 3.00 900167E00CZ 300167E00CZ 800168E00CZ
CTTW: 4.00 900168E00CZ 300168E00CZ  
CTTW: 6.00 900169E00CZ 300169E00CZ

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