Classic CRISLU: Timeless Essentials


As the lead designer for Crislu, it’s my job to remain on the cutting edge of fashion accessories. Over the years I’ve seen many trends come and go but whenever I’m asked for examples to best compliment an outfit the same five or six classic styles always come to mind.

I’m talking about the tried-and-true essentials that every woman needs in her rotation today: simple, interchangeable platinum 1 KT studs and 18 KT rose gold solitaires, tennis necklaces and bracelets, and 18 KT gold cubic zirconia pendants to accentuate any neckline or rise to any occasion. These are the pieces that have endured in our collection for fifty years and will remain part of our wardrobe for fifty more.

One of the greatest things about these classic pieces is that they never go out of style. They stand the test of time, enduring year after year, irrespective of the trend lines. That timelessness, coupled with quality design, also makes them a perfect gift to be passed down from generation to generation.

Versatility is another key asset of these timeless staples. Most of us don’t have the time or patience to plan perfectly for every occasion. We need items that can easily adapt to suit our diverse lifestyles and fit any affair, from work to nightlife and weddings to funerals. That ease of wear is one of my favorite features of Crislu pieces like the Brilliant Solitaire 18 KT Gold Pendant or the Classic Tennis Bracelet. They can also be dressed up or down or paired with other pieces for a completely different look each time.

Above all, I relish the tasteful simplicity these styles offer. Sometimes less is more, and that's certainly true of our accessories. What every woman appreciates is a complimentary glance, not a questionable stare from across the room. With these classic styles, you never have to worry about impropriety or being overshadowed. The beauty is inherent in the piece itself—a statement of elegance that exudes sophistication and class.


Amireh Parstabar

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