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  • CRISLU Wear it always
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  • CLarice Diaz
    CLarice Diaz

    Well i new about crislu, because i went to bloomigdale’s last night on beautifull lady tellme to check your wetside to look how beautifull jewelry you have! Sn in the soon i sing up we crislu i just love it!!!!

  • Sara Harrison
    Sara Harrison

    I’d love to share this with my Bestie!

  • Laurie Guinan
    Laurie Guinan

    Hoping I win!

  • Cathy Johnson
    Cathy Johnson

    Love your jewelry!!

  • Kathy ruff
    Kathy ruff

    We love it .My daughters and I. We would love winning the Giveaway .

  • ellen willett
    ellen willett

    love jewelry

  • Lydia Hatch
    Lydia Hatch

    I don’t own any of your jewelry but I think it’s beautiful. I stop by the cases everytime we are in the Silver Legacy and look at the pieces I love.

  • Lauren Chuman
    Lauren Chuman

    My engagement ring is two years old and still looks beautiful…love you guys

  • Denise FOster
    Denise FOster

    I love your jewelry however I need a half size. I was very disappointed. Please make rings in half sizes.

  • Julie Glaser
    Julie Glaser

    Looking for rings that are i nrose gold with a blue stone.

  • Gwendolyn Jordan
    Gwendolyn Jordan

    Having trouble entering

  • sharon

    having trouble entering your contest!!

  • sharon

    love my earings

  • Jennifer Essad
    Jennifer Essad

    I’ve been following you on social media for quite some time – this is an amazing gift, thanks for the chance

  • GAston FOrtin
    GAston FOrtin

    De merveilleux bijoux!

  • DEbera CRabb
    DEbera CRabb

    I’m trying to enter your contest….Please help I love your product and have your beautiful items.

  • Bryan Crisfield
    Bryan Crisfield

    Just following the tide.

  • Paulette Vinson
    Paulette Vinson

    Love your jewelry!!!

  •  PAm MEaux
    PAm MEaux

    Very pretty line of jewelry to travel with. Would love to win and be able to share with my daughters.

  • Penny Ratcliff
    Penny Ratcliff

    When I wear CRISLU, it’s like wearing the real thing.

  • Laura

    Long time customer. Love your stuff!

  • Stacey Mack
    Stacey Mack

    Your jewelry accents these new modern looks well.

  • Robin Bass
    Robin Bass

    I love your products!!

  • Louanne Baelde
    Louanne Baelde

    I LOVE your jewelry! Follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you.

  • LBrown

    Absolutely love Crislu jewelry! I have a lot of their pieces. They are great if you need a repair or replacement as well.


  • Carmen

    I am delighted to wear yours earings!

  • ellen willett
    ellen willett

    love want

  • RUssell FIsk
    RUssell FIsk

    Hey thank you for the invite and good luck to everyone

  • Anh Duong
    Anh Duong

    I love all your product

  • Fran Berkowitz
    Fran Berkowitz

    love your products. would love to win.

  • Karen P
    Karen P

    Love, love your jewelry!

  • Rodelyn

    looking forward to buy more.

  • gloria patterson
    gloria patterson

    love your products

  • Michelle Rietscha
    Michelle Rietscha

    I love your necklaces!!!!

  • Michelle Sutcliffe
    Michelle Sutcliffe

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • Gail Rodencal
    Gail Rodencal
    Love my arrow bracelet.
  • Janice Achterhof
    Janice Achterhof

    Found your product at Von Maur today d fell in love!!

  • Gina thibodeau
    Gina thibodeau

    I’m looking for a square stone ring one square stone middle and 2 square stones on the side

  • Joyce Williams
    Joyce Williams

    I am looking for a 3-band set of pave rings in your line, and need them in size 5. The retailer only had them down to a 6. Thank you.

  • Maria

    I Am interested in purchasing a wedding band will like some information thanks

  • Garik Mnatsakanyan Armenia
    Garik Mnatsakanyan Armenia

    Happy new year

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