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Crislu men

You’d think we would be used to it. We are in the fashion industry, after all, which can see trends change overnight. But adapting to change can be challenging, and taking the path of leaning on your strengths is often an easier road to navigate. One way to approach the inevitability of change is to beat it to the punch and push yourself into creating change. At Crislu, we enjoy a good challenge. Even though we’ve been in business for nearly 50 steady years, we’ve still got new tricks up our sleeves. This one is a major departure from business as usual—and we couldn’t be more excited.

Crislu men Silver rings

Both our men’s and women’s jewelry will remain luxuriously affordable. That’s the Crislu promise. And because we insist on the finest quality precious metals and cubic zirconia stones, our pieces will last and be treasured for a lifetime. Precious metal like sterling silver is surprisingly uncommon in men’s jewelry. At Crislu we stand firm on sterling silver as our standard for the men’s line. It’s beautiful, durable, highly corrosion resistant, and wonderful to work with. And perhaps most importantly, it feels great to wear.
Men’s jewelry is a reflection of the wearer.  It represents emotion, experience, and aspiration in the form of wearable art.  Crislu men’s jewelry strikes a perfect balance with a selection of brilliant designs, superbly crafted in Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia, and excelling in value.
It took just shy of 50 years for men’s jewelry to see the light of day under the Crislu banner. 50 years of honing our craft. We are ready for you, gentlemen.

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