CZ Accessories: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Throughout time, jewelry has been part of the human experience.  Representing beauty, power, status, love and individuality, its history is full of significance. A gift of jewelry can make a statement, offer comfort, commemorate an occasion or remind us of someone special . 

How Did Jewelry Gift Giving Begin?

In its earliest days, jewelry was worn to bring luck and to ward off illness or to keep travelers safe during long journeys. For newlyweds, jewelry was gifted as a promise of fertility, wealth, and love. It could symbolize rank, authority, identity, and was often used as a seal for communication. While early materials included bone, pebbles, feathers and hides, as time went on, metal-working was introduced and sophisticated materials were sourced to produce more stunning, decorative pieces.

How Did the Jewelry Industry Affect Environmental and Social Issues?

The growth of the jewelry industry produced a high demand for precious stones, gems, and metals. Diamonds were especially sought out for their beauty, brilliance, strength, and value which inadvertently caused damage to the environment along with an escalation of illegal trade. 

Instead of gifting your loved one with “conflict stones” (a practice common in the diamond trade where stones are mined in war-torn countries using slave-like labor), Cubic Zirconia offers an eco-friendly and guilt-free alternative.

What is Cubic Zirconia and What Makes It the Perfect Gift?

Cubic Zirconia is an alternative jewel that is nearly indistinguishable from real diamonds. CZ is optically flawless and comparable to even the rarest and most expensive diamonds in the world. It is durable, possesses superior brilliance and clarity, and can be manufactured in a variety of colors. 

CRISLU offers designer jewelry featuring handset, flawless Cubic Zirconia in .925 precious Sterling Silver with Pure Platinum or 18kt Yellow or Rose Gold finishes.  Eco-friendly, 100% hypoallergenic and backed by a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects, a gift of CRISLU jewelry offers peace of mind along with stunning beauty.

CRISLU is Meant to be Worn with Love

CRISLU Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia jewelry offers “look of real” quality at affordable prices that everyone can adore. After all, jewelry gifted with love is what makes it priceless. 

CRISLU is Meant to be Worn with Confidence

Jewelry brings an outfit together and accentuates the natural beauty of its wearer. At CRISLU, we create unique and stunning pieces of jewelry with unparalleled quality and style. You can wear it to work, on casual weekends, when traveling, or on your most special occasions.  Treat it like you would fine jewelry - without the worry.  Our lifetime warranty protects you against any manufacturer defect.

Keep the age-old tradition alive and give a gift of jewelry during the holiday season. Visit our shop today to take a look at our most popular selections and choose something meaningful for a loved one - and yourself.  CRISLU - Wear It Always