CRISLU Engagement Rings, Perfect For The Occasion

Since 1961 Crislu has proudly specialized in the alternative jewel, our flawless cubic zirconia. We believe in 5 Cs instead of the 4 Cs that describe a diamond, Cut, Carat, Clarity, Colour and most important cost. The rule of thumb that you should spend two months income on an engagement ring should be rethought when there is  an option. Our cubic zirconia gemstone stands on its own in terms of quality and beauty. And even when compared to a diamond it’s undetected by the naked eye and only your jeweler can tell them apart with a loop.

Crislu Cubic Zirconia Stones

Today the tradition of the engagement ring is a lot more flexible than it was even a decade ago.  Not everyone wants a diamond, and there are valid reasons for that.  A decision that is valid for you may not be right for the next person. We all have different tastes and styles, as well as differences in what we value, and that’s okay.  In the end the more important part of the story is the person who gave it to you.

If you already own a diamond wedding ring or still debating the CZ versus diamond choice you may also want a second set to wear comfortably on any occasion. We have all heard stories of

Crislu Synthetic Diamonds

lost wedding rings or of diamonds that have come out of their settings.  Replacement can be difficult and expensive. The freedom of having an additional Crislu wedding ring to wear without worry is an excellent option for peace of mind.  And, with a range of stunning designs to choose from, you can wear a symbol of your love that reflects perhaps another important characteristic of your relationship.  This is just something sensible and fun to consider.

At Crislu, one of the things we value is the low impact that the creation of CZ gems have on the world. Cubic Zirconia stones are grown in a controlled laboratory environment, and not mined. 

Crislu Engagement Rings

Thank you for considering a Crislu engagement ring. We want you to enjoy the shopping and purchasing experience.  Ours is a family owned business and we love what w do! Our designs are classic, timeless, and superbly made.  Along with your purchase you have our commitment of a lifetime warranty. Enjoy every moment of your engagement. We hope the money you saved with a purchase of a Crislu ring will go a long way toward your future happiness together.

Cheers to you both!

Crislu wedding rings